Milly’s Caravan Memory Page


Freya-Milly Moo




Miller-1 Miller-2


This is Sofia enjoying her end of treatment holiday.

sofia 2015sofia words 1

Camaron really enjoying his stay in Millys caravan

Camaron camaron2




Katsabma Family’s Comments:

First and foremost we would like to express our appreciation to your kind hearts in affording us the first of its type holiday. The journey of caring for a child diagnosed of cancer is an experience that is personal and can be so difficult to share. When kind-hearted and well-wishers come your way in manner like this offering a break to your family, it’s like straying into an oasis in a dry desert when hope was about to disappear. Many more thanks to all of you who afforded us this valued break.

katsamba family


Stanton Family’s Comments

Thank you so much to everyone at The Miily Moo Foundation for giving us a holiday to remember. We’ve been making up for lost time when there wasn’t much to smile about. The girls didn’t want to leave and we have lots of happy memories to take with us. xx

sohpia 2



Craven Family Comments

We are very grateful for the opportunity to spend time in your lovely caravan. Miller our son really did appreciate his time in the great environment.

caravan miller                                       caravan miller1

Miller went to the fair and won a goldfish, when I asked him what he wanted to call the fish he said Milly. The goldfish will go home with us and join our other fish in our tank. Milly’s memory will then live on with us for years to come!

Thank you to the milly moo foundation!

love martin, suzie, jay, manny & miller xxxx