Count down until Millys caravan Re-opens

Time to get excited!
We are now taking bookings for millys caravan 2018 we have emailed all the nurses today.
So for all of our lovely patients parents who follow millys fb page feel free to email us.
To our supporters if you know anyone who’s child has recently been diagnosed with leukaemia or cancer please ask them to email us or speak to their oncology nurse or clic sargent nurse to be reffered.
We know for many of our patients booking this holiday is the rainbow after the storm something to look forward to when you are in hospital for such long periods.
Without us providing a free break to millys caravan many family would go without, we can bearly afford a holiday ourselves so feel for the family’s going through such financial hardship when there child is fighting for there life.
Xxx if you would like to donate to help us support give family’s holidays you can donate via our just giving page. Xxx #millyscaravan #leukaemia #cancer #freeholiday
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